Hey! Brooke here. T.J.’s wife.

You might be wondering why I would be writing you on a page called “Hire T.J.”

Well, that’s because I have worked closer with T.J. in business than anyone over our last 10 years of marriage. I’ve seen him in front and behind the camera. I’ve seen the extra hours, the effort and the determination that no one has ever seen. He is the hardest work I know and I am not the only one to refer to him as such.

I’ve seen T.J. grow our small photography business to a six-figure business booking 90+ weddings multiple years in a row.

I’ve watched him grow our t-shirt brand to six figures annually and millions of dollars in sales.

But what I’ve also seen him do, that most people haven’t seen, is give ideas that have changed the way others have think, create + run their businesses.

Basically, what T.J. is best at is coming up with ideas. I’ve often approached him and said, “I need an idea for ______” and without missing a beat He answers back with a brilliant idea almost immediately. I am always shocked and how quickly AND how good his ideas are!

That’s why I and others have told him over and over again that he should consult + coach people with their businesses.

And finally he is going to do it!

Do you find that while running your business that

  • You feel alone without anyone to bounce ideas off

  • You need help with marketing ideas

  • You just want to know what to focus on

  • You need help staying consistent with your social media


It’s like a membership to his brain.

What does it consist of?

  • Monthly call (or meeting if you are local) to chat about content, social + marketing.

  • Tips, tricks + ideas for your business

  • Recommendations and contacts for people that can help

  • Access to network of T.J.’s clients to share + bounce ideas off of

  • Full social + website audit + ideas (with annual subscription)

  • Other awesome things that T.J. will think about as the group grows

Investment |$400 per month | $3000 Annually

Maximum amount of clients T.J. takes on at a time - 40

T.J. Mousetis is responsible for growing two businesses, a t-shirt brand + photography team, to six figures annually and selling millions of dollars of products + services through those businesses. He has also grown followings on social media to 300,000 plus over different networks + accounts.