Why don’t you sell t-shirts anymore?

After 13 years, we simply felt the Lord asking us to lay down our business. We don’t know what next for us, but we are acting in faith and being obedient, which has lead us to feel such peace. You can watch the entire video announcement about the whole thing here.

do you teach workshops or do business coaching?

Sometimes, yes! We will always share about those things in advance on our blog or social media. So, as long as you’re following us, you won’t miss it!

IS t.j. really always that happy?

Ha ha ha ha ha ha! 😂 Yes! For the most part. If you're asking this, it’s safe to assume you watch T.J.'s Instagram Stories and see him singing and dancing all day long.

what makes you laugh?

This. Every single time.


What camera gear do you use?

We have always believed that your gear doesn't make or break your photography, or any creative career, for that matter. That's like saying "Oh hey, you're a great cook. You must have an awesome oven." Psssh! No! However, we do love the gear we have and would highly recommend it.

  • Canon 5D Mark 4

  • Canon 5D Mark 5

  • Canon 35mm lens

  • Canon 50mm lens

  • Canon M50

  • Photoshop

  • VSCO presets for Photoshop

  • Batch+ for Photoshop

  • Storyboard for Photoshop

  • iPhone (honestly, I might use this more than my "real" cameras!)

  • VSCO and A Color Story (iPhone apps)