Words Will Never Be Enough

I deleted and re-typed this post 10 times because I don't know how to accurately describe yesterday.  I went to work, came home and then Brooke and I dropped our girls off at my parents so we could go out on an early anniversary date, without kids...it was amazing. We sat across from each other and just talked about the past nine years of shooting weddings, opening stores, staying at the creepiest Days Inn of all time and raising two beautiful girls.

Then we walked around Target with coffee and I bought some gummies and Brooke bought a new circle beach towel, which was followed by taking some photos in the Target parking lot because of the challenge I gave myself this week.

So, the day was pretty normal (outside of the date night), but when I look at these photos I don't just see impromptu photos in the Target parking lot.  I see history.  I see the past nine years, I see love, I see our favorite shows, coffee runs, late nights, early mornings, beach trips, adventures, new businesses, success, failure, triumph, faith, hope, grace, frustration and everything else you see when you spend nine years trying to love someone like they deserve to be loved.  And when you spend so much time with someone you love it's hard to accurately describe all the things that person makes you feel. You want to use all the adjectives, all the emojis and you want to apologize for all the ways you didn't love them well.

So, you end up sitting at a keyboard for over an hour typing and deleting, typing and deleting, only to rely on the analogy that nothing will ever describe what that someone means to you.  That's where I am when I look at these pictures, and I have to move on with my day so...Brooke, I will keep trying to accurately describe what you mean to me, but I think I will always end where this post is going to end.  Words will never be enough.  I love you.