Valentines Daily Life + Our 3 Second Love Story

We aren't a huge Valentines Day couple but we are big fans of challenges and T.J. shares something he does when he challenges himself to grow in today's final thoughts.


We did participate in the #3sentencelovestory challenge yesterday. Here it is!

"She was a girl.
He was a boy.
Can I make it any more obvious?"

or, from Brooke's perspective:

"He was a punk
She did ballet
What more can I say?"
... 😂
Just kidding! Really it's this: "I was looking to create better photos of my t-shirts, so I reached out to a "cute" photographer-friend on Facebook, aka Brooke. We planned our first photoshoot, then started dating, and were married 11 months later. Ten Years (in May!), and two kids later, we're still working side by side every day and plan to continue doing just that as we raise our girls, follow Jesus, and extend grace and joy to each other on a daily basis. 💕

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