Unicorn Toast DIY

Unicorn-themed treats are all the rage, and the child in me rejoices with rainbow edibles. Naturally dyed with ingredients like spirulina, beet, turmeric, and berries, they are just as exciting to make as they are to eat. Plus, the superfood antioxidants make it (kind of) healthy... sprinkles are just a bonus. I first learned about the colorful trend when living in New York City and visiting a cafe called The End in the hipster-land of Williamsburg. Ever since, I have been wanting to craft my own unicorn concoctions. 

This recipe is quite simple to create and double the fun when you add friends. Follow my directions for pink, purple, teal, and yellow cream cheese or find ways to make new colors with ingredients you have around the house!


Ingredients : 

Loaf of bread

1 block of cream cheese 

Spirulina (teal color)

Turmeric (yellow color)

Blueberries, cooked and pureed (purple color)

Beet juice or powder (pink color) - you can buy or make your own by boiling beets and saving the juice

Sprinkles for decoration 


Directions :

Toast your slices of bread. While toasting, mix up your colored cream cheese by dividing the block into four and placing in separate bowls. Pour your natural food dyes to each bowl, starting with a little and adding more to achieve desired shade. Use a knife to spread each color on the toast. Swirl plain white cream cheese with colors for a marble effect or dollop colors in a line and paint lengthwise for a rainbow-stripe. Finish toast with sprinkles or a dash of leftover powder for extra aesthetic-appeal and taste the magic of your unicorn creation.


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