Turn Off Your Phone One Day A Week

I am addicted to my phone. I use to tell myself...

"Well, I need it for work."
"What if there is an emergency.."
"I could turn it off if I needed to, but I just don't need to."

My guess is the majority of you reading this probably want to stop reading, because if you keep reading then you might have to do something about all the time you spend on your phone! Keep reading!

Six weeks ago I was watching TV on a Saturday night and endlessly scrolling through feeds while not really absorbing any of it. I felt that same conviction, "You are addicted to this device..." And after years of avoiding it or making half efforts stop the addiction, I decided that I would do something. So, I turned off my phone, and I kept it off for the following day.

Then the following Saturday, I did it again, then again + again.

Here is what I have discovered with my phone off on Sundays.

I am way more attentive to my wife and kids. I find myself playing elaborate, always changing games with June usually involving monsters, spiders, hiding in forts + lots of giggling. I find myself doing more house projects and extra love favors for Brooke. There have also been some epic naps + so many other benefits. Brooke told me this past Sunday, "I love that you are JUST watching a movie and not also checking your phone."

Because of that one day off, the behavior has started to influence days when I have my phone. After my first two Sundays off, I got rid of it as my alarm clock and now turn it off every evening. I also try to put it in a drawer when I get home and not get it back out until after the kids are in bed (I still need to get better at that last one). Also, Brooke now turns hers off on Saturday.


I am more eager to spend time away from the device, so when I came home from work last night I asked June if she wanted to wash the car which lead to an hour of fun together, plus we have a clean car. Win. Win.

So, for all of you out there feeling convicted about the amount of time you spend on your phone I am challenging you to turn it off for a whole day this week. Make it a habit, a ritual and you will find yourself enjoying it so much. I know that I have!