The Family Plan Calendar

The Family Plan Calendar

The Family Plan Calendar is a weekly calendar designed to keep your family on the same page. 

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The family plan calendar was born out of necessity, because we were feeling like we were just surviving life at home as a family, and not thriving as a family.  On the other hand, as small business owners we had all sorts of tools in place to plan, execute, grow, and stay organized. But then we would come home, and instantly life felt scattered again. It was because of that feeling that the Family Plan Calendar was born.
We tried monthly wall calendars, whiteboards, and apps to try to bring order and planning to our home life, but nothing was a good fit.  We wanted a well-designed weekly calendar, that wasn't on our phones, that would be the central hub for what was happening each week for our family.
We went to Target and picked up a few poster boards and started creating the DIY version of the Family Plan Calendar.  As we started using it week in and week out, we began to notice peace in our family life. Plus, way less frustrating moments of, "Wait, what is happening???"
Every Sunday afternoon we would sit down to have a planning session and fill up the week with our to-do's, plans, our word of the week, and who we were praying for as a family. And each week we felt it changing the rhythms and pace of our home life. :)
After quite a few poster board versions we are ready to release a final version to you and believe Kickstarter is the perfect place to launch the Family Plan Calendar!
If you want more information, watch the Kickstarter video:


Calendar Specs
  • - 17 x 20 
  • - 26 pages (half a year)
  • - Non-dated (so you can start whenever it arrives)
  • - Black and white minimal design, perfect for any home decor style
  • - Made in the U.S.A.

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