Pear + Avocado Spring Salad

Happy first day of Spring friends! What perfect timing for this Pear + Avocado Spring Salad that I made for lunch yesterday! In fact, this salad has a funny story behind it. If you're only here for the recipe, go ahead and scroll on down to the goodness. But if you like stories about Target and crazy toddlers and the rollercoaster that is motherhood - keep reading.

Yesterday morning was madness of the best kind. My sister-in-law Kelsey and I had decided that we were going to “go to a park on Monday because it’s going to be warm out and let's be amazing Moms and do something with our kids outside!” But after a night of waking up with Sunny, I was feeling like coffee was higher on my list than sunshine, which is rare. So, I text Kels and said “We could do the park. Or the sandbox at my house? Or the new Target. 😂”

She replied almost immediately “Well, I do need things at Target. 😂” To which I replied “Yes, me too. And honestly that new Target is bigger than a park. And those new carts are basically like a ride. Oh and COFFEE.”

And by 10:30am we’d met up with our four kids, slammed our Starbucks and were standing in the aisles of Target going “I should have made a list. Did you make a list? I forgot to make a list. What’s even in tacos? I can’t wrap my brain around what I need to buy.” <Fills cart with Oreos and snacks and diapers.>

By the time we'd made it up to the registers, all the kids were starting to feel the feels. My sweet, sweet niece Pearl (age 2) starting unwrapping a chocolate egg, to which I said "Kels did you pay for this?" She had not paid for it, so naturally I took if from Pearl. Which sent her into a total meltdown. Poor thing. She just had to have the chocolate. We've all been there my sweet Pearl... all of us. 😂

Eventually we made it into our cars, packed up our groceries, and Pearl had promised to "have a happy heart" by the time she got back to my house. And she did, bless her. Upon arriving home, Sunny was screaming to be fed. June and Pearl had both pooped. The entire house smelled awful. Gray (9 months) needed fed and changed. Everyone was hungry. The groceries were still in the car and our suitcases and bags from our Pittsburgh trip were still open and all over our living room.

So we sent the girls out back to play with the bubble machine and in the sandbox while I made them lunch. Meanwhile Gray was eating old dried corn off my rug and Sunny was having a hard time falling asleep, so I was going upstairs every eight seconds to push her pacifier back in. When the time came for June and Pearl to come inside for lunch, Pearl melted down again and June was so concerned about it she was trying to share all the things with her and didn't eat much of her lunch. Eventually, I let both girls eat tubes of Chobani yogurt, and didn't even care that they were upstairs sprinting around while Sunny was sleeping. And I made this salad for Kelsey and I to eat.

When I slid the salad across the counter for Kelsey to eat, she said "Well you pulled this out of your butt." And yes, I did. 😂And THAT my friends is how motherhood feels somedays, because by 2pm there was sand in my sheets, yogurt on June's bed, frozen corn thawing in my trunk, and an explosion of laundry everywhere. BUT WE ATE SALADS FOR LUNCH, GOSH DARNIT, AND I CONSIDER THAT A SUCCESSFUL DAY.

Toddler Tip: See how I plated the same food for my 3 year old, June, so she could eat lunch with me!



  • Spring Salad Mix

  • Avocado

  • Walnuts

  • Pear

  • Dried Cherries (or Craisins)

  • Grilled Chicken

  • Balsamic Vinaigrette Dressing


Brown chicken over medium heat in skillet and season with salt and pepper. Place two big handfuls of salad mix in your bowl. Top with thinly sliced pear, avocado, walnuts, cherries and warm chicken. Season salad with sea salt and black pepper, and a light drizzle of your favorite balsamic vinaigrette dressing.

Assuming you need to feed your kids too, serve them the chicken, avocado, pear, and a mixture of cherries and walnuts. Boom. LUNCH MADE.