Our Everyday Photo Books! (Also, We Built A Shelf!!!)


When people hear that T.J. and I have been photographers for the last 10, they often say things like “Wow! You must have so many great photos of your family!” And that’s true! But you’d never know it if you walked into our house. I think that because I already post a lot of our images here on our blog, and on Instagram, that I end up feeling like I’ve already shared them and their job is done. But that couldn’t be further from the truth! I’m not actively doing anything to share them with my kids and our family, which is what really matters to me. Until NOW! Enter Mixbook photo books to the rescue.

Thanks to Mixbook, we created three different photo books and I AM SO IMPRESSED. I’ve printed a handful of books before and hands down these are the most impressive, specifically the color quality of the photos!

They were super easy to make and I honestly had a hard time deciding on which theme to pick for our books because so many of them were really cute. I ended up picking a tropical themed book for our Hawaii trip and then two of the customizable kids ones. I can’t handle how sweet and fun the illustrations are in the two kid’s ones.

I asked T.J. to build a shelf for our dining room so we could have them on display, and within the girl’s reach, all the time. It was a super easy shelf to make using a single piece of plywood. We had the store cut it down to our desired size (3ft wide by 7ft tall) and then used the extra pieces they cut off for the 5” shelves. We screwed them in from the back and then anchored it to the wall! Which was the hardest part of the whole process by the way 😂, because we have 90 year old plaster walls that are not the easiest thing to work with! But alas, we did it and it looks great.

A few weeks ago when we were cleaning out our garage for our annual yard sale, T.J. came across loads of old photos from growing up and first few years of marriage. It was so fun looking through them, and June loved flipping through them. She asked to hang a few of them in her room and on our fridge, which just reminded me of the importance of having our own family photos on display in our home to remind us of what we love most.

Mixbook was super kind and gave us a code to share with you! You can use the code WALKINLOVE50 for 50% off your first order, now thru July 31, 2019.

I’m just so excited about the new shelf in the dining room, and how it displays our photos and books! It really added a lot of warmth and character to the space which that room was desperately needing.

I hope you’ll order photo books for your family and then maybe you can build a shelf to display them too! Leave a comment or send us a DM if you have any questions about what we got or how to build a shelf like that!

Don’t forget to use the code WALKINLOVE50 now thru July 31, 2019!