Our 10th Anniversary Night Away at The Logan Hotel


It’s difficult to write about years of marriage. I feel like I should have something epic to say now that Brooke and I are celebrating a decade of being married. Yet as I sit here and type, delete and re-type again and again, I am being reminded that marriage isn’t some epic tale with dragons, spaceships and kings.

It’s a slow story that just gets better with time. It’s a good book that you love reading, and re-reading, but can’t really explain why. It’s a slow and quiet morning. And I am assuming that if I liked wine or whiskey, I could draw some comparison to marriage being like a fine wine or a good Tennessee whiskey. But I don’t care for either, so I can’t… but you get the picture.

Celebrating 10 years of marriage makes you realize how young you were when you said, “I do.” It makes you realize how much you’ve changed and grown in life. And then you look up and see the person who has been there for all 10 of those years, cheering you on, calling you out, and holding you through thick and thin, and it makes your eyes well up with tears and your heart fill with hope.

You say to yourself, “You’ve seen me at my worst and you’ve seen me at my best, and you are still here.”

Marriage is amazing. I make sure to tell that to every single person who tells me they are engaged that it’s amazing because too often it gets bad rap. People seem to only offer things like “Oh you just wait…” and “the first year is the hardest…” and so on.

I thought when I asked Brooke to marry me I knew what life would be like. I thought I knew how much I loved her and how amazing she was. But the last ten years have taught me that I knew nothing at that point. That was only the surface.

Now that the sentimental stuff is out of the way, I wanted to say thank you to The Logan Hotel in Philadelphia who allowed me to surprise Brooke with a night away, one of the best meals of MY LIFE at the Urban Farmer and a massage so relaxing at The Underground Spa + Wellness that I could barely sign the receipt at the end. They even had a small cake in our room and our wedding photo printed out beside our bed when we arrived, which was amazing!

If you find yourself in the Philly area or live around us and want to get away for the night, I can’t recommend The Logan Hotel enough!