Our 10th Anniversary Bedroom Makeover!

Here it is friends! Our master bedroom reveal! As I mentioned all last week on our Instagram stories, we did this in honor of our 10th wedding anniversary. Which is just so crazy! It's like the more I say it, the more insane it sounds!

Over the last ten years, we've done our room a few different times, but this time is by far the best and my favorite! I was really excited to start this project because it's been long overdue. One of the goals when refreshing our bedroom was to use a lot of things we already had, just in a new way. This way, we didn't spend a bunch of money on the project, but it still felt new to us.

Watch the video above to see the whole project from beginning to end!

The first step towards the makeover was finding a new rug for our room. I landed on this awesome one from Amazon, from nuLoom, and it's beautiful. I am so happy with it! Once the rug arrived, I was able to pull the rest of the room together by using the colors in the rug and from a Target pillow I'd gotten a while back.

I had also been gifted a print for my birthday last year from an artist that we love, and so I knew I wanted to try to work that into the mix if I could. I really wanted our bedroom to feel fun, have more personality, and to feel more us. I'm super happy with how turned out!

I want to extend a big thanks to Tuft & Needle for gifting us one of their Mint mattresses! We actually already had a T&N mattress that we'd gotten a few years ago. It was great, but this new one! It's even better. It has this beautiful charcoal cover, plus it's thicker and much more supportive. We are only about a week or so into using it and already love it so much.

Tuft & Needle also sent us some of their linen bedding, which is not only incredibly comfortable but downright beautiful! It gives your space that relaxed and lived in look. :) We got the Dusty Rose Linen Sheets, and I actually used them as a bedspread for these photos. They do offer a duvet cover, which you find here. You can find the mattress here and all of the bedding we're using here.

Our bed frame is Ikea. We got that quite a few years ago, and I believe they still sell it, or you can get it on Amazon. I love how simple and neutral it is!

I took a few plants from our back hallway and hung them in our room, which instantly made everything feel more "homey."

I've had this white Ikea shelf for years, and I think it's found at home in every room in our house, except Sunny's, at one point or another!

We mounted our TV in our room a couple of years ago when we decided to no longer have a TV on the first floor of our house. What I didn't love about that whole scenario though was that it ended up just being this giant black floating TV in the middle of a plain white wall. Putting this shelf around it really helped to anchor it and give that area of the room some personality.

I picked up two cotton buckets from Target that were a great price, and I'm using one to hold all of our swimsuits and the other to keep our workout clothes, sweatpants, etc. We don't have a dresser in our bedroom, so we either hang everything, or smaller items go into a few wire baskets that are in our closet. This new additional storage on the white shelf is super helpful. Our little laundry basket is now tucked into that shelf, too!

The lampshades hanging next to our bed are from Ikea but from quite a few years ago. So I have linked a lot of similar items in this Amazon list for you to check out!

They were the piece that kind of tied the whole room together in a really surprising way. I had no intention of hanging those lampshades in our room when we got started the first day! But when I was making breakfast the next morning and thinking about the room, I remembered that those two lonely lampshades were out in our garage! They really added height and texture to the room, and I love it.

Our white nightstands are from Wayfair. I got them two Christmases ago and still love as much now as I did then. Simple, clean, and small enough to fit in our little room.


We painted the little wall behind the mantle a blushy-peach color -- it's called Everblooming from Behr. Accenting this little wall really made the whole room more fun, which I'm all about. I'm excited to kind of style that new color mantle throughout the seasons ahead! Right now it looks very summery and tropical, which is super fun, but I'm sure that will evolve as the seasons go. The big blue glass vase from Target is my favorite piece on the mantel, and that white “gear” planter that the cactus is in is so cool. Super glad I picked up those two items for the room!

Lastly, I finished off the room with a few more plants, hung the final artwork, printed a few photographs, and added in a couple of meaningful items, like that wooden stool that used to belong to my Grandpa, and the Polaroids of T.J. and I from our third day ever hanging out.

Be sure to check out the video to see the whole project, plus before and after shots! I linked everything the best that I could, or linked to something similar since a lot of these items are older.

I will leave you with this thought! Make your room yours, even if it's just one thing at a time. Even if you only reuse stuff from other places in our house to make it feel fresh. Real life isn't a makeover show, so do what you can with what you have!

Cheers to 10 years! Now onto the next room!

Bedframe | Dusty Rose Linens | Rug | Lampshades & Cords ( One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six) | White Gear Planter | Macrame Plant Hangers ( One, Two, Three) | Vintage Peg Rack (Similar One Here) | Cotton Rope Buckets | Pink Trashcan ( One, Two) | Vintage Laundry Basket (Alternatives One, Two, Three) | White Nightstands (Alternatives One, Two) | Blue Vase | Wooden Picture Frame | Essential Oils Diffuser | Natural Floor Pouffe

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