Obedience Brings Peace

In case you missed it, earlier this week Brooke and I announced that we believe the Lord is asking us to lay down the t-shirt side of our business.  You can watch the full video announcement here.

After fighting that feeling for a while, we are finally laying it down. The response was and has been overwhelming and included a lot of this emoji --> 😭. Both from us, and all of you who love walk in love. shirts so much!

We are blessed to have so many people in our lives who believe in us and value us. I haven't even read through all the comments or messages yet because I want to read every single one, and emotionally I am not quite ready! 😂. A handful of close friends and family texted me and asked me how I was doing in that serious "head-tilt-how-are-you?" kind of way. And here's my honest answer: I feel great. Yes, I am sad about parts, but overall I feel great.

The reason I feel great is because obedience brings peace. A lot of us live much of our lives fighting against making hard choices. Yet, when we lay it all down and choose obedience that's when true peace comes. Yes, I have some fears of the future, like "How am I going to make a living?" But that type of thing seems small compared to the greatness of a God who calls me by name, loves me completely and gives an abundance of grace and peace when I finally listen. I am not heartbroken about moving on. I feel content and full of hope for the future.

Thank you for every single message, email, and comment. They are going to be the fuel for what comes next. A few of the messages I did read asked, "How can we help?"

Here are a few ways you can help Brooke + I as we move forward:
1. Pray for us.  We have some idea of what we are going to do to make a living, but there is still a lot of uncertainty.

2. Pick up a few tees! (Which A LOT of you have done this week and it's amazing!) https://walkinlove.com/collections/shop-new | Save 25% w/code DECEMBER

3. Bookmark our blog because we will be sharing our journey there. https://walkinlove.com/blogs/walk-in-love

4. Subscribe to our YouTube channel because a lot more videos are coming. https://www.youtube.com/c/walkinlovevideos

5. Join the Sticker Club or gift it to a friend this Christmas.  More info here - https://walkinlove.com/pages/the-sticker-club

Again, I haven't even read all the messages and comments, but I know they are there, and I wanted to make sure I thanked you for all of them this morning. Grace, grace.