NEW Cozy Embroidered Sweatshirts For Chill Mornings

NEW Cozy Embroidered Sweatshirts For Chill Mornings

When the mornings turn chill and dim, we prefer to stay in our sweats as long as possible. Thank goodness for these cozy embroidered sweatshirts that arrived just in time for fall! Once you put one on, you might never take it off. #sorrynotsorry

You don’t have to pack away the PJ shorts just yet! You can warm up your lounge time look with this Grace Upon Grace Embroidered Crewneck Sweatshirt in Eco Plum! Slip on some tall cozy socks and you’re all set to never leave the house! But when you need to, you can swap the pajama bottoms for your favorite jeans and still have the perfect fall look!

For fall days in, get some more use out of your favorite floral PJ shorts this by pairing them with this silver Choose Joy embroidered sweater knit hoodie. It’s perfect for the approaching sweater weather! And for fall days out, layer it under a jean jacket with leggings or skinny jeans to keep you cozy in the crisp fall air!

This black sweater knit Never Give Up Zip-Up Hoodie is perfect to keep you cozy once you eventually force yourself to crawl out from under the covers. Lounge around with it layered over a super soft tank and your favorite flannel pajama pants. Super soft and lightweight, it’s also perfect for layering over any look to keep you warm as the temperature drops this fall.



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