I drove John Crist from Philly to D.C. because of Instagram...

One night after the girls were in bed, I was watching John Crist’s Instagram story and he mentioned that he and his buddy Dustin were in Philly and needed a ride to D.C. for their show the next day, because he’d forgotten to book one. So I responded to his story, which I assumed he’d never see, and said “Hey man, I can drive you guys. I’m not a weirdo.” Turns out, my pick up line worked and that next morning I was on my way to pick them up.

I’ve received a few messages from people doubting we didn’t plan this whole thing, but I assure you this is the first time we’ve met. But side note: I’ve now been recognized in two different Chick-fil-A’s as the guy who drove John Crist.. so….. no big deal. 😂

T.J. Mousetis