How to Spring Clean + Purge Your Home!

Every year we go through our entire home and purge lots of our belongings from our lives.  We call it "Purge Day" but it's a happy purge unlike the crazy movies that have been released the past few years...yikes!

It's a great way to do your spring cleaning, but instead of going through your house room by room, you go through it category by category.

We've been spring cleaning this way for over three years and whenever we tell people about it they always reply with, "Wow, I wish I could do that!" 

It's that response that inspired us to make this video and when you watch it you might think, "I could never" or "I don't have the time.."  Well, you will never know until you try and we hope it inspires you to try at least once, or try at least one category (like clothes). 

Make it a priority, get some baby sitters and purge your house.  You will find that you feel better, lighter and your life is way more enjoyable.  Also, your house will be way easier to clean, which is something we all want!

Here is the process:

We ask two very simple questions to determine whether we keep or get rid of a belonging...

  1. Does it bring us joy?

  2. Have we used it in the last 6 months?

That's it! It's really that simple.

The video above is part highlight/part how-to of our most recent purge day. We hope that you not only enjoy watching it but also enjoy the outcome of purging your own belongings!

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