Happy 4th of July!

The 4th of July has always been one of my favorite holidays. Growing up, it was a time that family traveled from all over the country to spend a few days here in Pennsylvania with us --- having picnics in the backyard, spending our days in the park, and our nights watching fireworks from quilted blankets. So, naturally, I love taking my little family to the same park, the same parade, the same fireworks. I realized while texting with my Mom today that this year (2018) marked 25 years that our family has been going to the Lititz Springs Park celebration! That's... crazy!

ur holiday always kicks off with the 4th (but, technically the 3rd) of July parade the night before. We set out our blankets early this year and our seats were great! It was just under 100 degrees that night, and even in the shade, we were all a sweaty mess. Little Sunny was so hot we were putting her feet in cold water inside a Tupperware that we had brought fruit in. #totaldadcreation

We were with my family -- my parents, my brother Taylor, his wife Kelsey, and their two kids Pearl and Gray. June and Pearl ran around collecting candy, while Gray sat with my Dad looking around like "Hey, why ain't I getting any snacks?!" 😂

There were marching bands, horses, baton twirlers, local churches, dance groups, and lots of trucks and cars, which were SO loud. June was her typical self and very overwhelmed by the noise, but also couldn't stop talking about the firetrucks the next morning.

After the parade, June let me take her photo with her sunglasses on and she was being so funny about the whole thing!

On the 4th, we enjoyed our time in the park so much! Even though it was incredibly hot and muggy, we still had fun and made some memories together. And I will treasure these photos of us and the girls for yearssss to come!

Our evening ended back at our house, playing with red, white and blue glow sticks inside June's fort, and sparklers out back before the storm came. A delightful ending to another good 4th.

God Bless America!