Happy 3rd Birthday, Junie!

HOW!? How in the world is our little girl three years old already. Life's crazy, I'll tell ya what.

I knew June's party would be something simple and small this year, since I'd just had Sunny only 4 weeks prior. Pretty proud of myself for being realistic and not staying up late to make unicorn cupcakes or a giant balloon arch. When my Mom asked what the party theme was, I said "sprinkles, sparkles and whatever else is in my basement." 

And you know what, it was perfect. June loved it. One of her only birthday requests was to eat a pink cake, so I made pink cupcakes with pink icing and she topped them all with sprinkles. So. Many. Sprinkles. They ended up being very crunchy cupcakes -- mmm... crunchcakes. But, boy was she proud of them! You can watch the very short video of her decorating them at the bottom of this post. And make sure you're sound is on, because at the end she thanks us, all on her own, and it's too much for my Mom heart to handle!

P.S. We're currently in the process of growing out her bangs, so don't judge my parenting or hairstyle choices. 

Three of June's little friends came over on a Saturday morning to celebrate her birthday -- Clara, Kendall and Pearl. (Gray was along for the ride too. Poor guy, always surrounded by girls!)

After June had quite the meltdown upon everyone arriving (#sharingishard), she got herself together and the girls enjoyed a little lunch, followed by a song and dance recital on top of the table I hoped they'd eat at, but was instead used as a stage to display their many talents. Us Moms sat down and ate a real lunch! And had adult conversations! With words!

June's friends know her well, because her gifts included a hot pink sparkly dress, two purses, chapstick, a homemade necklace, a bracelet, and a sparkly stuffed unicorn. Sometimes I just laugh out loud at how much June loves such girly, sparkly things. I am so interested to see if Sunny is naturally the same way, or if she's totally different!?!

After June finished opening her gifts, T.J. played the "Ladies & Gentleman Game" with them, which is where they all hide around the corner in the kitchen and then one at a time T.J. announces them into the other room --- "Ladies and gentleman, boys and girls... please welcome... Juuuuuuuuune!" 😂 June loves this game with her whole heart, and clearly was feeling very cool at her party while they played it. Just look at the pose she struck when she was announced, while already wearing her new purse and jewelry, mind you!

After eating cupcakes, playing with the tissue paper from the gifts, and bouncing around all of the balloons, it was time for everyone to go home. It was a very simple little party, but June still talks about it, which is all I could hope for. In fact, the other day while in the bathtub she said "Hey Mom, renember when my friends came to my house? Yeah... that was amazing."

Happy 3rd Birthday June Bug! We love you more than you'll ever know.