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Even when you say you want to follow someone, you don't see all their posts.  Then you start missing out on important events + milestones.

And for businesses, it leads to spending more money on marketing to reach people who already said, "Yes" to following you! What is that? Have you noticed that you haven't seen a walk in love. Instagram in a while?  Believe me, we are still posting them.

So whether you use Instagram for personal or business reasons, you find yourself frustrated that you can't just see what you want to see, what you said, "Yes" to seeing.

TRUULY is going to change that.  Follow whoever you want and see all of their posts in order. forever.


We will be releasing a Beta version of the app for users to test on March 19, 2018. If you are interested in signing up, do so here - TRUULY Beta Testers (iPhone only for the beta | Android will be available for the final app).
And remember...enter to win a $500 walk in love. gift card by
Posting any photo on Instagram with the following caption:
Will you even see this post? #thealgorithmmustdie Be part of something new at @jointruuly
We will message the winner directly on Instagram on March 20th.  If you want to be a part of the Beta remember to sign up here - TRUULY Beta Users

BONUS ENTRY: Download this graphic + post it to your Instagram story like this!

Make sure to tag @jointruuly in the post! We can't wait to see what GIFS you pick.

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