Encouraging Creativity In Your Kids (Mermaid Art Camp)

There are a few things I believe in with my whole heart: that there's no such thing as too much iced coffee, that encouraging creativity in your kids will never be a waste of time, and Jesus. And that The Office is the best show of all time. 

Growing up, both of my parents encouraged me to be creative and gave me the tools to do so. I remember picking out American Girl craft books at Borders bookstore, and "How To Draw A Puppy" booklets at the library. I painted stools and toolboxes as gifts for my Mom and learned how to make a latch hook rug and a paper mache animal from the art lessons I'd take from my older cousin. Art and creativity was such an outlet for me, therefore you can imagine my excitement when that very same cousin opened an art studio in a super old house in our town square!!

Several weeks ago, June attended her first art camp at Big Dream Arts Studio, and it was mermaid-themed. She loved it. While she was the youngest one there and had a few meltdown moments, I am so grateful that she was able to go and be in a classroom setting with other kids around her age.

And let me tell you, the things she made were so cute! By the end of the week, June had painted wooden mermaid dolls and a jellyfish canvas for her room. She made playdoh sand, and a sparkly turtle, and a mermaid tail out of old socks, and a shell necklace, and a narwhale crown. And that's not even half of the things she created, but I can't remember them all! She was proud of every single one and still points to the pictures she colored that are on display in our dining room and says, "Remember when I did that at Mermaid camp?"

to do a lot of things she's at first hesitant about but ends up really enjoying once she's tried them. Like, swimming with floaties on for example. But what I don't love, is making kids do something just because all the other kids actually want to. (I literally didn't attend youth group as a middle-schooler for like three years simply because I knew they'd make me play the games, and that made me so nervous that I chose to stay home instead.)

I treasure June's sweet, often quiet, curious personality. And I equally love when she's allowed to experience new things, like art camp, at her own pace.

I think all parents love that -- when other people recognize and acknowledge who your kid is at heart, and encourage those traits in them.

The rest of the summer has flown by and we haven't had the chance to attend the other pre-school aged camps, but I'm certain we'll be going to a few Kid's Open Studio hours on Saturday mornings this fall!

If you live around Manheim and are looking for something for your kid (of any age!) to do the rest of the summer or into the school year, I can't recommend Big Dream Arts Studio enough. And that's not just because they're family.