DIY Star Bleached Jeans

DIY Star Bleached Jeans

It's Fri-DIY! We are getting crafty in the studio as we anticipate the holiday weekend. Repurposing old, barely worn clothes is my favorite way to update my wardrobe without spending a penny. I almost sold these jeans until I thought up this DIY of bleaching stars on them for a festive Fourth of July outfit! A super simple way to make your denim feel fresh and trendy. 


- Scissors

- Sponge

- Pair of jeans or shorts

- Bleach

- White vinegar

- Water

- Disposable tray

- Paper towels



Start by cutting your sponge into a star-shape. It may help to cut out a piece of paper in a star and use as a guide for cutting the sponge. 


Grab an old pair of jeans you don't mind permanently bleaching! I used a pair of grey denim sitting at the bottom of my drawer. Feel free to add extra distressing - I slit the knees on mine and cut the hemline for a raw-edge crop.


Layer about 5-6 sheets of paper towel and place in a tray or dish (disposable aluminum trays work great for this!) Pour a small amount of bleach on the paper towels, just enough for the towels to absorb the liquid. This step keeps the bleach from dripping off your sponge. Dip your sponge into the bleach and stamp onto desired areas on your pants! Hold the sponge on the pants for about 30 seconds each time you stamp. Don't worry if the color doesn't change immediately, it will after a minute! 


Once you have finished stamping the pants, soak them in a mixture of 1 part white vinegar to 5 parts water for 10 minutes. This stops the bleach from continuing to whiten the fabric. After 10 minutes in the vinegar solution, wash your jeans normally with detergent. Dry and pair with your favorite walk in love. tank!



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