Created To Create - VRSLY Devotional - 10.10.17

Created To Create - VRSLY Devotional - 10.10.17

The very first thing we hear God do was Create, He created these HUGE things that we have a hard time even fathoming, the endless wonder of the nighttime sky, the still fully undiscovered depths of the ocean, all with tremendous beauty & laser sharp purpose. We are still discovering and understanding the little and big things He has created, a seemingly unending exploration of creative inspiration. Even after all of this majesty that has blown us away for millennia, He was not done, as he eventually created His most personal creation, us, ‘In His Image” we are told. 

I was once on a flight to a missions conference where I was to help my organization inspire individuals to join in reaching the nations in the name of Jesus. I was very focused on the job ahead, all the while taking in the majesty one usually does when at 30,000 feet, when something unexpected happened. The Creator of all things, seen and unseen, sat me down right next to a lady who was reading a book I recognized right away. I recognized it right away because my pastor had talked to me literally days before the trip, about a book that had been on the bestsellers list for a while, a new movement/anti-movement book entitled, “god is not great.” Now, understand that I was definitely not the first to strike up a conversation with a stranger, much less a stranger on a plane, way much less a stranger on a plane reading book against the very thing I was on the plane going to my destination for. A moment created!

I am not quite sure how the conversation started or what all was said exactly (God helped a whole lot), but I do vividly recall a question she elicited without my prompting. She asked me very curiously, “So does God look like us? Doesn’t the Bible say that we were made like Him?”

I remember my answer was convicted-ly in the affirmative for the latter, but also remember fumbling around for some further insight for the former and as to what it all really meant. A moment & answer I’d love to have a do over with as I keep being reminded what “Created In The Image Of God” means to me as I grow in my professional field of designer. Yes, with a macro perspective, I understand what it means on a spiritual & moral level of the image, but like many things that God has created, there are many levels of meaning. And so for me on a personal/professional/practical/purposeful level, the meaning of The Grand Creator creating me in His image is so amplified and clarified when we are tasked and inspired to create the world we live in. Take a step back and you can constantly see where it all derives from, we are created much like God, to create. What are you doing with that power, is the question now.

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