Christmas Crown

Today we are going to show you how to create a Christmas Crown! Just a slight variation of the Floral Crown post we had earlier this summer (thanks to the talented Jennie Love!) As always, I'll keep my instructions short - just have fun with it and don't over think it!

Also, if you make one and frolic around on Christmas with your friends, be sure to post an Instagram and tag @walkinlove and #walkinlove -- Enjoy!

Supply List: 

+ Scissors or wire cutters

+ Heavy "grapevine" wire (available at most craft stores)

+ Floral Tape

+ Real or Fake (we used fake) flowers to accent your crown with!

+ Loads of evergreens and greenery 


1. Cut a loop of grapevine wire that fits your head. Leave an extra inch on each side so you can loop your ends together. This way if you need to make it larger or smaller later, you can simply adjust the loops.

2. Start creating small bundles and clusters of greenery and accent materials. Tape them together tightly, leaving a little tail of floral tape on the end. They will look a little bit like boutonnieres!

3. Starting at one of the hooks, attach a bundle with the remaining floral tape tail. Continue working in the same direction so that the next bundle covers the tape and ends of the previous one. Layer them all the way around the vine until you make it back to your original one!

4. Finally, frolic and take instagrams.