Banners, Pennants + Flags

Banners, Pennants + Flags

Do you ever just wake up in a funk? I know I do and it's either because I couldn't fall asleep the night before or it's because I woke up late and have to move a lot faster than my body wants to in the morning.  It's on those mornings that I find myself annoyed with lots of things that shouldn't annoy me at all.  I am short with my wife or kids just because I am tired or running late...or both.

It's on mornings like that that I need extra visual reminders of how I should be treating the ones I love and what I should be focusing on.  That's why I am so excited about the new line of walk in love. banners, pennants + flags.  They are such bold, prominent reminders of where my heart should be when I leave my house for work or when I return after a long day.

I am encouraged by the Choose Joy Banner before work because no matter what comes up at work I need to Choose Joy.

I am encouraged by the Okay, Let's Do This Banner when I get home from work because that's the attitude I need to run, play + be dad to my little girls no matter how tired I am or how long my day was.

I am encouraged by the When I Wake Banner because I love reminding myself that God is with me from the moment I wake up until I turn off the lights to go to bed.

I could keep going but you can see how having these banners in my home + around my desk are such a daily, bold, encouraging reminder for me to live out my faith!


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