Balsamic Winter Bowls with Goat Cheese & Walnuts


Several years ago I had a bowl like this at a restaurant and it. was. amazing. And ever since then I vowed to figure out how to replicate it at home so I could eat it whenever I wanted! Surprisingly enough, it wasn't that hard to do.

I'm not one who loves to write a whole lot before a recipe because let's be real, you're here for the recipe!

This winter bowl is warm, comforting, filling and such a great combination of flavors and textures. It’s both sweet and tangy, and you could serve it individually in bowls, or as one larger side dish that people can serve onto their own plates.

Also, it's super delicious with grilled chicken on top if you're wanting to add that extra protein and flavor!


1 c. chopped kale

8 oz wild rice (I love this microwaveable wild rice from Target!)

2-3 yams, peeled and diced

1 apple, chopped

1/3 c. chopped walnuts

2 tbsp goat cheese

1/4 c. balsamic vinaigrette dressing (I love this one.)



Wash and slice the kale and apple. Be sure to de-stem the kale, only using and chopping the softer sides of the leaves.

Peel the yams, dice into bite sized cubes, and then bake or steam yams until soft. I prefer to steam them because they get less of a "skin" on them this way! But honestly, both options are good.

Cook rice according to the package.


Combine all ingredients and serve immediately.

Tip: Use a fork to "scrape" the goat cheese into your measuring cup. It'll make the perfect little crumbles this way!