Balance is a Moving Target and Targets are Meant to Be Hit

I have been working a lot lately. Between Brooke being on maternity leave, only having a part-time team member, running walk in love. and being in charge of operations and sales for SUPPLY it's been a full year.

The most common question I get for the walk in love. show is "How do you balance?" It doesn't matter if I am answering the question or one of our great guests are, someone always asks about balance. I think it's because we can feel so off-balanced at times.

I always answer that question the same way, "balance is a moving target." You are never going to perfectly balance every day, week, month or even year. There will be times where you work a lot, but be mindful of that so you can balance it later with extra moments with your family, kids, wife + friends.

Yesterday, I left work around 11 am and didn't come back. That hasn't happened in a while, but I knew I needed some more time and I could sense Brooke wanted some help getting our house ready for friends to come over. I took June to Target so Brooke could work on food and the house with just Sunny (who had a little fever from her recent shots) at home and when I came back she said, "Do you have to go back to work or could I run to the grocery store real quick?"

I replied, "I am home for the rest of the day."

The look on her face makes my eyes water while I type because she was so thankful and appreciative for that purposeful choice to achieve balance. It brought me so much joy because I know that she's had to sacrifice with the more hours I've had to work as of late. But, at that moment there was balance...the moving target had been hit.


If you find yourself in a season of working a lot and not feeling very balanced, remember that feeling. Balance it out in the future. It's like when you are in the 935th month of winter and you think, "I will remember this moment in August when it's 104 degrees with 200% humidity and I will not be upset." Remember the off-balanced moments in life so you can balance them later and not think, I should be working."

I always say that balance is a moving target, but now I need to add that targets are meant to be hit from time to time.