A Surprise Patio Makeover!


This post is sponsored by Tuesday Morning. As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

My Mom turned 60 this week and as a surprise for her birthday, I gave her patio a little makeover with help from Tuesday Morning. If you've never shopped there before, you should go check it out for sure. It's super affordable and has a great mixture of styles and items to pick from! I would say that my Mom’s style is a mixture of cottage, all things nature, and still a little modern. It’s so fun decorating for someone whose style is different than your own, because you get to try different things and stretch yourself to get a little more creative! I had fun finding things that felt like my Mom and spoke to her style.

A few days before the makeover I went to our local Tuesday Morning and filled my cart with all the things I felt would really help bring some life and color to the patio. Pots, pillows, a new rocking chair, a side table, and outdoor lanterns were just a few of the things I picked up for the surprise! I wanted so badly to get this peachy colored bath mat for myself when I was there, but I kept being like "Brooke! Stay focused. You're here shopping for the patio!"

Here are a few before photos for reference!

We started by clearing everything off the patio that was already there, which actually wasn't that much. It's always helpful to me to start with a clean slate, even if I am going to bring back some of the exact same things! I knew I wanted the large outdoor table to stay, so I kept that but swapped out the individual chairs for two long picnic table benches my parents had in their yard already. From there, I brought in the new rocking chair, side table, and started filling the pots with new plants and flowers!

It took some mixing, matching, and rearranging to figure out exactly where I wanted the different plants to go, but I loved the final placement of them all. Then the two rugs went down and a few of the really cute accent pieces, like the cement bunny that I know all of her grandkids will love!

Lastly, I raided my parent's garage to find lots of old blue glass jars and added those down the center of the table with the white lanterns! Everything looked so pretty in the sunlight with the flowering branches and pops of pink.

When my Mom came home from running a few errands, I asked her to walk all the way around the house with me to see the back patio as a surprise. It was so fun giving someone something like this! She's having a 60th birthday dance party next weekend on the patio, so I knew this would be an extra special gift for that reason.

We made a little video of the day which you can watch right here! And like I said before, if you’ve never been to a Tuesday Morning you should go! (Find your closest store here.) They’ve got great deals on name brand items, and some stuff is limited quantity so you know that not everyone and their mother (pun intended, ha!) will have the same things as you!

And one more time, a few before and afters side by side for comparison!