A Stellar Baby Shower | Shine Bright Little One!

"Celebrate with others" is a phrase that T.J. and I often say to one another as we remind each other that in order to, in the words of Bob Goff, "become more like love", we must celebrate with others. Celebrate their businesses and creative endeavors and hobbies. Celebrate birthdays and milestones and marathons. Celebrate their marriages and triumphs and, of course, celebrate the babies. 😍 All the babies.

A few months ago when I learned that my sister-in-law Kelsey (you know, our family-neighbor-siblings, ha ha!) is expecting Baby #3, I just knew we had to celebrate with a little get together. Naturally my idea of "let's just go out to dinner with a few friends" snowballed into "Oooo what about a party on the rooftop with the biggest snack tray of all time!?!"

After searching on Pinterest for a theme that didn't feel too overdone, I landed on a star/moon/celestially themed baby shower, with the tagline of "Shine Bright Little One." Once I came up with that, I just ran with it! But before I could start dreaming up fun decoration ideas I just knew I needed to get the best snacks and treats for the table's centerpiece. Enter: Brandless.

I had placed an order with them last Christmas for some household items and snacks and ended up really enjoying my selections, and was thrilled when four huge boxes, jam-packed with cookies, crisps, chips, nuts, and more, showed up at my front porch a few weeks ago for our Stellar Party!

(For those of you who aren't familiar with Brandless, they're an amazing online grocer and supplier of all the things with the mission of "better stuff, fewer dollars." Everything on their site is $3!)

Next on my list was decorations! Hands down my favorite party supplies are from the brand Meri Meri. I just adore their whimsical elements and color combos. I made my own star themed party by picking a few iridescent items, and then included the colors you see in iridescent things -- silver, pink, coral, lilac and blue. I mean, c'mon! How cute are those star plates and iridescent straws?! And the star headdress I got for Pearl. 😂🤩 I just love how the colors and decor all worked together without being too matchy-matchy.

I used my brand new and ammmmazing Cricut machine to make our little "name tag" stars, the "Shine Bright Little One" bunting banner, and the vinyl decals for the coffee table that read "Shine Bright Like A Diamond." (I will forever reference Rhiana songs in signage whenever I can.)

For the favors, I printed "You're So Extra (terrestrial)" on white paper bags, filled them with gummy candies and sealed them with moon and star stickers!

It was so fun being up on the SUPPLY rooftop for the party. I used some of the gold chairs (that we usually keep in our conference room!) and they just sparkled! Took everything up a notch! Minus the fact that it was almost 90 degrees IN OCTOBER, the party was super fun. We sat around for the first-hour drinking iced coffees and enjoying the snack tray, and then followed that up with some delicious cake and gifts.

You can see some of the pre-party planning, set up and the actual party itself on our Daily Life Episode from 10/08!

I want to extend a super big and heartfelt thank you to Meri Meri for all the amazing decorations and tableware, to Brandless for the snacks and food everyone devoured, and to my own little building SUPPLY for being the coolest rooftop venue in all the land. Go follow all of them on Instagram before you forget! (@merimeriparty@brandlesslife@supplymanheim)

The next time you have the chance to celebrate with someone -- do it! Especially if it's on a rooftop with friends and family.