Centralia, PA

I want to apologize in advance for the amount of time you will inevitably spend reading about Centralia, PA because of this post.  The same thing happened to Brooke, Jeff and I a few months ago when we first heard about the ghost town in Central Pennsylvania.  We started looking into it so much that we had to make a trip to see the town that has had a fire burning beneath it since 1962.  We had the Centralia trip on our calendars for five months so we were really excited when the day finally arrived.  Brooke, Jeff, Tess, Liz, Liz and I left at 5:30am from the walk in love. store and traveled the sixty-three miles to Centralia, PA.  The whole drive up we were talking about what we were doing was how most scary movies start.  The creepiness was heightened by the early morning fog and a gas station attendant who stared us down while we used his bathroom and suddenly appeared in the parking lot while we were leaving.  We arrived early in the morning and drove around for a while.  It was difficult to navigate at first because none of the streets in Centralia have any signs since the zip code has been revoked.  A lot of the streets are overgrown with brush which makes everything look more like a long, creepy driveway than an actual road.  There is also a ominous church that sits on top of some mountains overlooking Centralia and a cemetery on each side of the town.  Once we realized that we weren't going to be eaten by monsters we got out of the car and walked to destroyed highway 61.  When the fire started burning it destroyed a section of highway 61 that had to be closed off and re-routed.  On our walk to the destroyed highway we spotted smoke rising from the ground because of the flames below.  We made it the highway and walked up and down feeling the heat coming through the cracks, taking photos, spray painting and creeping each other out.  It was an awesome day and if you can make the trip to Centralia and destroyed highway 61 we would all recommend it.  Enjoy the photos! #wearestillalive - T.J.


And here are our Instagrams from the trip!


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