Kristen's Travel Essentials

So, I'm going to be doing some traveling pretty soon which got me to thinking about some of my fall "traveling day essentials" that will make standing around in airports and three hour plane rides much more enjoyable. That being said, here they are! First off, the super mega comfy and wonderful Love Never Ends Women's Raglan. Obsessed. Probably paired with some comfy skinny jeans and boots. It's easiest when traveling to just pull my hair up into a high pony tale and call it a day, but to spice it up a bit I will add my fav Twist Scarf in gold. For another little girly touch I'll be wearing my Supercute Heart Necklace in blush because well, it's amazing, and can you really ever have too much The answer is no. Duh. Also, I'll probably want to wear a pair of Stance socks that happen to be the most comfortable socks I've ever worn, to keep my toes warm on the plane. As a carry on I can take a Carrot Company Backpack, the multi-colored stripes is my favorite, which just so happens to be a great size for traveling. It's not too small, but not awkwardly huge. A pair of Urbanears headphones would also be pretty stellar. The mint ones would be my choice. They're so comfortable and the sound is uhhh-may-zing! And last but not least, in case I don't feel like listening to music the entire time, I'll be sure to bring a copy of the new book we carry by Jefferson Bethke called Jesus > Religion. I've heard some pretty great things about it. Happy travels! 

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