Dustin Kensure - The Water & The Blood

On October 1st Thrice front man Dustin Kensrue released a worship album titled The Water & The Blood.  I was a pretty big fan of Thrice back in the day but as I have aged my taste in heavy music has declined.  In 2006 Dustin released his first solo album titled Please Come Home and it quickly became a favorite of mine.  In 2008 Dustin released a Christmas album, This Good Night Is Still Everywhere, that is still one of my favorites to play come Christmas time.  When I saw his new album on iTunes I was really excited and downloaded it immediately.

I love that Dustin sounds kind of like he's worked in a coal mine or as a rancher or something equally rugged and awesome.  His voice is rough, authentic and raw sounding.  It's a voice that makes you feel like his whole heart is behind every word that he sings out.  It's exactly how worship music should sound.  

In an article on theresurgence.com Dustin explained why he made the album:

"It’s not out of compulsion or some misplaced religious duty. I’m free and glad to do it, and it’s not any more or less valuable than what I did with Thrice.  It’s not for money. I make a good deal less than I did when playing in Thrice full-time.  It’s not for fame or acknowledgement. Talking about Jesus is clearly not the most popular thing to do lately in our culture.   I made this record because I deeply and truly love Jesus and his church, and his church needs great songs to sing for their great God. I hope that this record serves the church well, but I also hope that, like all the music I have made before, it can be enjoyed by those who disagree with me, whom I love as well."

Links :  Buy The Water & The Blood // Dustin Kensrue

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