Maddy is Awesome!

Today is the last day at work for one of our team members for a while. Maddy is leaving to go to Belmont University for her first year of college! Maddy worked at Stone Harbor all summer long so, unfortunately, I wasn't around her very much. I thought it would be more fitting for Tess, a fellow Stone Harbor team member, to write some words about Maddy! -T.J.

Maddy and I met at the walk in love. hiring party back in February. At the party there was a little competition to see who could fold the most shirts neatly. The twist was you had to fold with a partner and you could only use one arm each. Maddy and I ended up being partners. It was quite the task, but I think we rocked it. I think our folding team skills is what helped us both get the job at Stone Harbor for the summer. We went from folding partners to co-workers to roomates in a matter of a few months. It's so awesome to see the people God puts in your life come into focus.

I have been honored to get to know Maddy this summer, she is amazing, down to earth and funny. She is an ice cream fiend and is addicted to playing Facebook games. She has gotten me addicted to one or two as the summer has progressed! One of my favorite things about her is her creativity. She displays it in everything she does, whether it's decorating our room, re-arranging the store or posting Instagrams! She always knows how to arrange things so they look fantastic. She rocks and I am totally inspired by her.

I am going to miss going on runs, walking around town, people watching, going to Wawa for the essentials (ice cream and bread..hehe), walking to work together, sharing our embarrassing life stories after work, going to the beach and just lounging around the walk in love. house watching Netflix.

I know that college is going to be such a fantastic time for her to grow. She is already such a strong young woman! She is going to do incredible things in her life and I am so blessed to know her and call her my friend. Girl, Belmont is not going to know what hit them! I am so excited for you and all that you are going to accomplish. I can’t wait. Go and rock this! You are fantastic human being! - Tess

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