Meet Hilary

Every Friday I am going to introduce you to someone on the team. It won’t be a list of fun facts about them, but instead it will be written from the perspective of the boss. We got off track for a couple of weeks because we had a lot going on but we are starting it back up again!

Hilary started her relationship with walk in love. as a customer. She works at another store in the mall so her visits were more frequent than most! She was super friendly and easy going and it was always a pleasure to see her in the store. When we decided we needed a few more team members and posted our applications online Hilary applied. It was a no brainer that she should be a great addition to the team. Hilary hasn't disappointed and has been a very valuable team member. I opened a retail store without ever working a retail job in my life so there are a lot of tricks that I am unaware of. Hilary has more expierence in the retail world and her advice, tips and tricks have been super helpful to the walk in love. retail store! She is an awesome, hardworking, fashion loving, star loving, dog loving, totally radical human being who is always walking in love. - T.J.

This week we are giving away a free shirt by following Hilary on Instagram. Follow her here – @hilary_ames // Contest Ends 8/1/13

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