Style [5] with Kelsey

Kelsey's back for round five of style and outfit suggestions, this time based around Valentine's Day date ideas. Super fun! Hope you're inspired to wear a walk in love. shirt for your Valentine's Day plans! And if you do be sure to tag it #walkinlove -- Happy Valentine's Day!

Model: Kelsey Harley // Photos by: Brooke Courtney // “Food Truck” Look – Oversized Original Navy (walk in love.), Flower Pin (H&M), Heart Pants (BonTon), Boots (Vintage), Rings (walk in love.) // "Park" Look - Hot Pink Baggu Pack (walk in love.), Original Tee Mint (walk in love.), Sparkly Peter Pan Collar Longsleeve (H&M), Peter Says Denim Jeans (walk in love.), Flats (Bakers) // "Bookstore" Look - Glasses (walk in love.), Original Tee Coral (walk in love.), Polka Dot Skirt (H&M), Tights (Forever21), Heels (Forever21) // "Movies" Look - Outline Zip Up Grey (walk in love.), Original Tee Red (walk in love.), Shorts (The Loft), Tights + Boots (Forever21)

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