Trampoline Park Team Building

Several weeks ago we took our team to a trampoline park for fun. Actually, fun is an understatement. It was amazing. Besides being so sore the next day that some of us could barely walk, it really was some of the most fun I've ever had.
When T.J. and I were throwing out ideas for what we could all do for a "team building" day, we kept coming back to the trampoline park. While it wasn't all of us sitting in a circle, sharing our fears and trust falling into each other's arms (thank goodness), we left the trampoline park feeling more like a team than ever. Most of our team member's attempted flips and tricks that they'd never tried before! At one point everyone (including strangers) was chanting "T.J. T.J. T.J.!!!" in hopes that' he'd do his first back flip. By the end of our two hours, T.J. had done is first ever front and back flip. Jeff was doing front flips. Tori was super close! Sam was flipping too, I forget which direction. Drew and Matt both found the courage to try a backflip for the first time in years. It was so cool to see everyone cheering each other on, helping one another, all while having a ton of fun. We will definitely do it again next year!

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