Meet Sam

Sam is T.J.'s younger sister and one of our best friends. She has an enthusiasm for life that's contagious. So, in my book, that's the perfect kind of person to step in front of my camera for walk in love. photos. She's always easy and fun to photograph, and might own more walk in love. items than I do! Which is really saying something.



Name: Samantha Leigh Mousetis

Age: 25, whoa.

School? Job? 5th grade math teacher at Donegal Intermediate School

One word that describes you: AWESOME.. umm, I mean Humble.

What is your favorite color? Purple!

What sound do you love? My niece & nephew giggling, Stephen saying “frog,” and brewing coffee..

What Album and/or Band changed your life? I don’t know if it “changed my life,” but I would have to say “Fearless” by Taylor Swift because she’s amazing. She doesn’t know it yet, but we’re pretty much best friends.

Do you have a special talent? I don’t. I’m “okay” at a bunch of things, but not GREAT at anything in particular… I’m still waiting to find it.

If you could choose to stay a certain age forever, what age would it be? I haven’t been an age yet that I’d like to stay at forever. I feel like I’m smarter and way cooler (& more humble) than I used to be, but still sort of act like a kid even though I’m getting old. I’ll keep you posted.

What is your first memory of being really excited? Anyone who knows me well knows that my memory stinks. One super exciting memory I have is when my family began the adoption process when I was in about 3rd grade because I had ALWAYS begged my mom and dad to have another baby and was finally going to become a big sister.

Where’s Waldo? Hiding with my special talent.

Which one fashion accessory do you like better than others? This is a VERY hard question for me, but since I have to pick I would probably say earrings.

Favorite walk in love. item to wear: (and why?) This question is even harder than the last one. Can I say everything? I have an entire drawer filled with just wil. shirts, but currently, I’d choose the “Today is the Day” tank top because it’s super bright & really inspiring.



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