Happy Fathers Day!



This is a photo of my dad, brother and I in Siberia, Russia seconds after I was baptized in July 2008.

I have distinct memories of my Dad leaving for a month, every summer, to go on a mission trip to Russia. For years he would come back with a beard and tell stories, show pictures and videos of his trip. I always thought it was so cool and knew that I would want to join him one day. It was my second year of college that I decided I really wanted to go with him on the trip and I decided to start selling shirts to raise money. So, I designed 100 royal blue shirts and sold them for $10 a piece to raise money. The next year I sold more tees to go back to Russia, and did the same thing again the following year. Those three trips have been the foundation on which walk in love. has been built and if it weren't for my Dad I would have never gone on them.

My Dads love for Jesus is why walk in love. exists. It is his passion and dedication to tell people about Jesus that inspired me to start walk in love. My Dad tells people about Jesus in all different ways, but his favorite way is through sports camps, which is what the trips to Russia are based around. My favorite way is through shirts, art and design- which I have been able to build walk in love. around.

I am not a Dad yet, but I hope that when that day comes I can be as inspiring to my children as my Dad has been to me. I hope that all the dads or future dads reading this will be inspired by my Dad as well. To live a life that will inspire.

To those dads out there that are inspiring their children daily - Thank you and Happy Fathers Day!

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