T-Shirt Scarves // DIY

Did you notice the Pomegranate Fringe Scarf in the Spring Collection lookbook? Well today I'm going to teach you how to make your own! Today is the first of many upcoming DIY posts, all revolving around our t-shirts and/or items you can purchase at our store. Sound good? Awesome, now let's make three different scarves!



Sea Foam Fringe Scarf:
+ Old (preferably a larger size) t-shirt
+ Fabric (or super sharp) scissors

1. Gather your supplies!
2. Cut off the upper half of the shirt, right below the armpits.
3. Cut off the hem.
4. Lay out your remaining piece of t-shirt. (FYI: You will do the previous three steps for every scarf you make.)
5. Start cutting 1"-2" strips to make the fringed edge.
6. Leave 3"-4" inches in the middle of the t-shirt.
7. Repeat strips on other side of t-shirt.
8. Holding the shirt down with one hand, pull gently on each strip so that it starts to curl around itself.
9. Open it up, shake it out and wear it immediately! (I've wrapped the scarf around twice, but you could wear it once or twice around. Either!)



Heather Plum Spaghetti Scarf:
+ Old (any size works, we used a size Small) t-shirt
+ Fabric (or super sharp) scissors

1. Gather supplies. Cut off top half of shirt, just below the armpit. Cut off the shirt's hem and set aside. (Like steps 2-4 above.)
2. At least once, measure a 1"-1.5" strip, just so you have an idea how skinny that is.
3. Cut into strips, set aside.
4. Taking 3-4 strips at a time, gently stretch them to desired length. Repeat with all strips.
5. Using the hem (which you cut off earlier), wrap it tightly around your t-shirt strips.
6. Tie of wrapped piece.
7. Show off your new creation. Go ahead, tweet about it!



Poppy Orange Braided Scarf:
+ Old (preferably a larger size) t-shirt
+ Fabric (or super sharp) scissors

1. Gather supplies. Cut off top of shirt (set aside) and hem. Cut into spaghetti strips like the Spaghetti Scarf (above).
2. Cut each spaghetti loop into one super long t-shirt strip.
3. Set aside in groups of three pieces. We were able to make five braids total.
4. Knot one end. Braid remaining fabric. Unknot top end. (Repeat for remaining strips)
5. Knot each individual piece from one end of the braid to another piece from the opposite end... thus tying three separate knots. (Repeat for all braids.)
6. Trim the ends of your knots.
7. Loosely line up the knotted ends together.
8. Cut an extra piece from the top half of the t-shirt you set aside earlier. Wrap it tightly around braids, covering over the knots you tied. Knot the wrapped piece to itself.
9. Wear it to the beach, or a friend's birthday party. You'll be the talk of the town.



Be sure to leave comments and let us know if you're going to make your own! I'd love to see them!

Photos + Post by: Brooke Courtney
Super cool looking hands: Maddie Broderick :)

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