Baggu 13" Laptop Sleeve

We sell a lot of Baggu items in our store and quite honestly, it's for no other reason than they're totally awesome. Baggu is a perfect fit for our brand - bold colors, simple designs, and very well made. Brand new to our store (and Baggu, for that matter!) are the 13" Laptop Sleeves. We're selling them in five different colors - and all are equally awesome.




*Red, Neon and Sailor Stripe featured above. Also available in Electric Coral and Sea.*



Model: Sam Mousetis // Photos by: Brooke Courtney // "Perfect For School" Look - Hair Bow (Forever21), Glasses (walk in love.), Blank Grey Stripped Tank (walk in love), Grey Cardigan (walk in love. ), Yellow Belt (H&M), Wool Bracelet (walk in love), Blue Pants (Target), Books (Vintage), Baggu Laptop Sleeve (walk in love), Flats (Target). // "Perfect For Work" Look - Blazer (Forever21), Live A Life Red Tee (walk in love.), Baggu Laptop Sleeve (walk in love.), Black Capri Pant (Target), Sneakers (Forever21) // "Perfect For Everyday" Look - Organic V-Neck Ultra Voilet (walk in love.), Triangle Necklace (walk in love.) Baggu Laptop Sleeve (walk in love.), Jeans (Forever21), Moustache Ring (walk in love.), Diana F+ Camera (walk in love.), Leather Key Bracelet (walk in love), Sailor Sneaks (Marshalls)

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