Apricot Blank Women's Tee

Happy How To Wear It, Wednesday! Today's post features another one of our fabulous (and on sale!!) blank women's tees. They're all equally great, but I really love the Apricot color. It works really well with a lot of different outfits, but especially love it paired with a cute blue dress!

How do you wear it?




If you have a styled outfit you’d like to submit for How To Wear It, Wednesday, please email your photos to submissions@shopwalkinlove.com, titled “How To Wear It Submission”. You must feature at least three (3) walk in love. items, or three (3) items that can be purchased in our store in your submission. If your outfit is chosen for a blog post, we will contact you with details and set up a time to shoot your look. Thanks!

Photos by: Meagan Nicole

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