Meet Chelsea

I remember the day I messaged Chelsea on Facebook asking if she'd be in an upcoming photoshoot for walk in love. She graciously wrote back and said she'd love to - and within a few days she was at my house prepping for photos with Gabby and I. It was beautiful outside the evening I first shot Chelsea (with the white hoodie and gorgeous sunlight)... and as soon as I fired off my first shot, I turned to Gabby and said, "Uhm, we're using Chelsea for every photo shoot from now on." She's just got one of those easy to photograph, girl-next-door looks to her - and I love it! And of course, she's delightful to be around. I absolutely love when someone I photograph becomes a friend, and Chelsea has become just that.



Name: Chelsea Nicole Gingrich
Age: 22
Are you currently in school? If so, where and why? A recent graduate from Lancaster School of Cosmetology:: wanted to learn how to do hair.
Where do you work? JB Dawson's Restaurant at Park City.
One word that describes you: Random.
Coffee or Tea? Coffee without a doubt! And you gotta have whipped cream on top!
Do you like your handwriting? No - everyday its different day is complete chicken scratch and the next I might try really hard to make it nice.
What is your favorite cereal? Lucky Charms..the marshmellows are the best : )
Red or Pink? Pink
Favorite walk in love. item to wear: (and why?) My closet keeps expanding with walk in love shirts, but i'd have to say..the shirt that says, "Be strong in the Lord and in His mighty power". My friends bet on me wearing one everytime they see me, but that doesn't stop me from wearing walk in love!




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