The Scout Wallet

I've had my Scout Wallet(s) for over a year now and I'm still impressed. I have both the Olive and Black - which I love equally. It's great how I can dress them up or down and they hold just the right amount of my stuff. My love for them inspired to me show you a few (of hundreds, I'm sure!) ways to use yours. You can purchase your very own Scout Wallet in our store for $18.00 - Enjoy!




The following items (shown above) can be found at the walk in love. store: Pantone Notecard Set, Owl + Pogo Stick Journal, 7 Year Pen (Teal), Things I Love About You Journal, Hot Cup of Awesome Card, Pugs & Kisses Journal, 7 Year Pen (Red), Everything Is Going To Be OK Book, Sunny Day Glasses, WIL Gift Card, Hipster Glasses, Fancy Pants Ring and the Smilebooth!

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