Smilebooth + Yarn + Sam

Prior to Black Friday and Thanksgiving, on Wednesday night actually, a bunch of us met in the store to put out the remaining Christmas display items. Most of my time was spent arranging the store to fit all of the Hymn Collection shirts and answering the question "Where does this go?" every six seconds. So, with a little direction (I'm in the striped sweater!), I put Sam in charge of the new Smilebooth backdrop. Sam's boyfriend, Kyle, helped for a little bit - but let's be real, it was mostly Sam's creation. Isn't it lovely?




Be sure to stop in the store to get your very own Smilebooth photo taken - and of course, to do all of your Christmas shopping!


  • Ricksgirl1020

    Sam is the best…Kyle i am sure forgot what he was doing…it looks AWESOME!!

  • Jrivera187

    where can i see the pic at?

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