Meet Aaron

So, as of today, I'm starting a new blog series featuring some of my favorite models to work with. T.J. and I make an effort to photograph friends and family for our lookbooks and promo, instead of searching out "models" from a company or creepy online site. It's much more fun for me to shoot people I know and love and helps to produce the kind of images I want.

Besides immediate family, Aaron was one of the first people I asked to be in some photos for walk in love. Aaron has known T.J. for quite some time and I remember meeting Aaron several years ago, for the first time, at Purple Door. I said to T.J. "Hey! There's a kid over there with a walk in love. shirt on. Cool!" Little did I know it was Aaron, and that he'd be a part of walk in love.'s photo sessions and joining us for Ugly Christmas Sweater parties at our house.




Aaron is great to work with. He's incredibly happy and never gives me that you-want-me-to-do-what!?! look when I instruct him for photo ideas. The best models are the ones who listen to the photographer's instructions and trust that we (the photographers) aren't going to make them look like total weirdos, but instead, will make them look awesome.


Name: Aaron Burkhart
Age: 21
Are you currently in school? If so, where and why? I'm currently a junior studying architecture at the Savannah College of Art & Design.
One word that describes you: Murican
Coke or Pepsi? Vanilla Coke.
What was the last thing you ate? 3-cheese tortellini with afredo sauce.
Scary or Happy movies? Happy!
Where's the furthest you've been from home? Fez, Morocco
Favorite walk in love. item to wear. Why? The 1st version of the Bike in Love. shirt (from way back in '06?)... usually get a few people to ask where they can buy one!




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