The store has moved!

Last night from 9:30pm to 6:00am we moved the walk in love. store from our location down the Boscov's wing to the fountain shoppes at the Park City Mall. The reason for the move can be summed up like this-we are a little guy in a world of big chains. At first we were really dreading the move but after last night we absolutely love our new space. It's bigger, cooler and we can actually see the sunlight! If you've been to the store before make sure you remember to come back to the Fountain Shoppes (next to Qdoba) and check out our new space because it's awesome! If you haven't been to the store yet well now is the time!

Here are some iphone photos of the transformation that took place in 3 days! A huge thanks to everyone who helped make this happen!

Day 1:


Day 2:


Day 3:


Day 4:


What happened between those days:




  • nah

    Haha you guys just still just trying to burn all that free money you took from your customers a few months back?

  • Nah you suck

    When does your shift at McDonald’s start, Nah?

  • Gloria S

    GOOD LUCK hope to see the store soon…

  • Laurie Hornberger

    Can’t wait to visit the new store!  We’ll pass the word along.  We’re praying for you all, that God will bless this store far more than the last space!

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