2011 Campaign Recap



Last night around 10:30pm EST we hit our goal of $30,000! Instantly our Facebooks, Twitter and phones erupted with messages, texts, tweets and phone calls. It was an amazing moment filled with the joy of so many! Brooke and I jumped up and hugged each other, as she whispered in my ear, "Praise God." I told her that she couldn't start crying or else I would and she said, "Too late." It was a beautiful moment that I will always remember.

After that we got on our phones and computers and started replying to people and calling our moms. It was the greatest moment in the brief five year history of walk in love. so far. As I tried to sleep last night I started to think of how I could thank everyone who was involved and I couldn't think of anything. I thought I could make a video or write a really long message of gratitude but I kept coming to the conclusion that nothing I did could express the amount of thankfulness expect for one.

The way I want to express how thankful I am to you is to make you a promise. So here it is:

I, Theodore James Mousetis, promise to own, run and operate walk in love. with honesty, love and respect. I promise to try and live out our message in everything I do, whether it's picking out colors or talking with customers. I promise to use our profits to glorify God in this world. I promise to always, and in everything, walk in love. as Christ loves us.

Thank you so much to everyone who donated, posted and talked about the fundraising, we couldn't have done it without you!

Now to some of the fun stuff! We added some more giveaways last night to sweeten the deal and winners of those are as follows:
$10 iTunes Cards - M Kathleen McFadien, Derek Nolt and Andrei Belousov. We will be sending them with your perk!
$100 walk in love. gift card - Jill Newman. I will be e-mailing you with details!

And now the big prize. The iPad2. Brooke and I were a little worried about giving out such a big prize, knowing that we would have a lot of close family and friends donating. We didn't want anyone to think that we cheated the vote so one of them could win. So, first let me explain how we did things:

1. We took the total amount of donations $30,770 and divided it by 10 ($10 per entry) which gave us 3,077 entries.
2. We then took everyone and put them in order from 1-3,077 based on the order that the donations came in. So our first $10 donation was #1 and our last $10 donation was #3,077.
3. If someone donated more than $10 then they got multiple numbers. So a $100 donation was equal to 10 numbers (i.e. Entries 1-10)
4. We then went to random.org and entered our data and pushed generate!

I shot a video on my iPhone for proof! Here it is:



The winner was #126!


#126 was the third donor, with a donation of $1,000.

The winner is Cindy Mousetis

Thank you again for everything! We will be posting a lot of updates about the store over the next few weeks!

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