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Before you read about our store and how we need to raise money for it, I thought I would share a few words. Since the first walk in love. shirt was printed in 2005 I've had a passion for spreading the love of Christ through t-shirts that serve as a reminder to be like him. My passion for this increases with every shirt we sell and I believe that God has given me this passion. In 2008 we had a kiosk in the Park City Mall for three days and I can remember thinking on the first day that this is what I want to do. I want to be here, interacting with our customers, hearing encouraging stories and encouraging others. I don't want to distance myself from the world, I want to be in it. I want to be a light in this world. Since that 2008 night I've been working toward the dream of opening up a store and now that dream is within arms reach. We are asking for help and we our hope is that you will answer that call. Read below for more details. Please consider giving and thank you for your support.

T.J. Mousetis
founder/owner of walk in love. clothing


To give, please visit our campaign 2011 page here.


What we are trying to do:
Walk in love. clothing has been in business for five and a half years. We've slowly been building our business and brand to the place it is now. Our holiday kiosk has been very successful the last three years and we're ready to take it to the next level! We've just been given the opportunity to open a store in the Park City Mall in Lancaster, PA.

What we need:
The store isn't in the best shape. The last tenants left holes in the walls and ceiling tiles dirty and missing. The space needs all new flooring and paint. We also need to purchase shelves, fixtures, mannequins and all the technology to run the store. Basically, the store needs a serious overhaul! Because we are at such a young stage in our business, we need your help!

Why help?
Walk in love. clothing is in business because of the loyal support of our friends, family and fans. We can't exist without you. By helping us open a store you are giving us the ability to develop new products, meet more people and widen the impact we have on this world. Our goal is to remind people of the love of Jesus - and there's no better way to do that than by being where people already are: the mall.

Where will the money go?
We will use every single cent we raise toward fixing, furnishing and stocking the store.

Other Ways You Can Help:
1. Tell your friends you gave to our campaign. By doing this you will inspire them to do the same!
2. Post this page to your facebook, twitter and blogs.
3. Wear your walk in love. shirts and apparel.

To give, please visit our campaign 2011 page here.

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