Fingerprint (Featured Tee)

This weeks featured tee is our latest collaboration with Brooke Courtney Photography, the Fingerprint Tee. We had ya'll vote on which drawing we should print next and the "Fingerprint" won the contest. It's available only in women's style t-shirts and is incredibly comfortable. Here is what Brooke had to say about the drawing. "When I create my blind-contour drawings I often draw something random without any sort of phrase or words in mind. For this one, I thought it'd be fun to draw and watercolor a fingerprint. After creating the artwork the only words that came to mind were 'He gave her a new identity. A new life'." At the time I didn't intend on it being a very spiritual drawing, but after looking at it weeks later it was clear it was."

Our Fingerprint shirt is available for purchase both online and at our kiosk. Also, a 4x6 matte print of the fingerprint drawing is included with every purchase!




Fingerprint Tee shown with Full Verse V-Neck.

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