First Ever Collaboration!



We are proud to announce our first ever walk in love. clothing collaboration with Brooke Courtney Photography! We are so happy with the way this shirt turned out and think it's a great way to kick off our collaboration series. We hope it's the first of many awesome shirts. Remember that when you purchase a collaboration shirt most of the money is going directly to the artist. We only take a small fee for what we do, so by buying a collaboration t-shirt you are supporting a talented artist!

A little info about Brooke Courtney:
Brooke makes her full time living as a natural light portrait and wedding photographer with her husband in Lancaster, PA. She has traveled all over the country with her gift of capturing weddings and portraits in a unique and beautiful way. Her talents don't just stop at photography though. She is a talented graphic artist, videographer and is just really good at anything creative. Be sure to check out all her beautiful photography at Brooke Courtney Photography and her amazing graphic design work at sixtysevensouth. When I asked Brooke what her greatest inspiration was she said, "I am most inspired by the love of my savior Jesus, my husband and our two awesome cats Leo and Lola."

If you are interested in walk in love. clothing collaboration please make sure you read the full post here.

Also we will be highlighting all the new shirts this upcoming week on the blog!


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