Elisabeth / #iwearwalkinlove

Name: Elisabeth Ciarrocca

Age: 18 

School: Messiah College

What are your hobbies and interests? I find people very interesting. I chose psychology as my college major because I like to learn about how people think and why. I love to run, hike, write in my journal, play piano, and spend time with God, family, and close friends.

What are three random facts about yourself? 1.) I was an extra on Sesame Street. 2) I am barely 5 feet tall. 3) My favorite foods include sushi and beef tongue tacos. 

What's your style? It changes. Some days I wake up with a strong desire to put on a lot of purple eye shadow, and others I am not interested in wearing much make up at all. I try to use the pieces I have to make a new outfit every day.

IG: @ebethhtebe

What do you love about walk in love.? I love how easy it is to wear walkinlove. and be an encouragement to myself or to someone else. When anyone wears a  shirt with a beautiful phrase or Bible verse on it, God is using him or her to plant a seed in those who read it and do not know God yet. Wearing a shirt that says simply "walkinlove" keeps me accountable to myself and gives me a goal for how I should live.

Elisabeth is wearing our walk in love. Fuchsia Women's T-Shirt.

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