Sarah + Courtney // #iwearwalkinlove

Names: Sarah Parkins + Courtney Glasser 
Ages: 20 
What Is Your School/Occupation? Sarah (left) - I am studying Math Education at West Chester University. Courtney (right) - Studying elementary education at the University of Maryland.

What are your Hobbies/Interests? Sarah- Thrifting/shopping, crafting, eating food and lots of it!, dancing (I teach Zumba!), playing games, listening to folky/alternative music, watching crime shows, blogging, wearing super duper large hoodies and spending time with friends and family! Courtney- I love playing sports and being active and playing group games (like Catchphrase and Mafia).

What is your style? Sarah- A combination of boho, casual and hipster! Anything comfy and laid back. I occasionally try and pull off the sporty look, too! Courtney

I would say a combination of sporty, hipster and beachy (depends on the day), but if I had to pick one I think most people would say beachy. I own 7 Hawaiian shirts!

What do you love about walk in love.?  SarahI love walk in love. because the shirts are insanely soft and it requires boldness to wear clothing with biblical messages. Aside from being incredibly soft and comfortable, the clothing walk in love. sells allows us as followers of Christ to proclaim our love for Him and to ignite spiritual conversation so that others can hear about His love for them, too. Did I mention how soft the products are?! Courtney- Outside of the amazingly soft and comfortable fabric that the shirts are made of, I love the conversations that come about from wearing walk in love shirts. People always ask what my shirt says or what the shirt means when I wear one, and I get to share with them a little bit about wanting to share God's love with the world, and it's just so amazing that I can do that through a t-shirt. My favorite part about the company as a whole is how it feels like a small family. I love how personable each team member is and love following them on their Instagram accounts and seeing what they are up to. And when I see someone else with a WIL shirt on in public, I feel like I instantly know them better than I did a second ago, just because we have that in common!

What is your Instagram? Sarah- @sarahpark3 // Courtney- @courtney_glasser



Sarah (left) is wearing our Time To Shine Emerald T-Shirt // Gray Fringe Scarf // Courtney (right) is wearing our Follow Peace Gray T-Shirt // Styled by Kelsey Courtney // Photos by Kristen Hornberger 

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